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Cutting the Costs of Photography
For People with Special Needs

Both UK attractions and travel companies offer special concessions for people with disabilities, whether physical or a learning disability. Under UK legislation the majority of businesses have to have special 'Disabled' policies and make sure that disabled access is provided for. Now in some cases this will not always mean total access or even the highest quality facilities, or in the case of travelling, assistance should be available especially if you're travelling on your own, but something will be provided.

Travelling by Bus

Some of them qualify for the Free concessionary travel on local buses in the same way as the 60+ residents - they are referred to as 'Eligible Disabled', see our article FREE Bus Passes for Over 60's and eligible disabled persons to see what is on offer and how you might go about applying.

Travelling by Train

When travelling by train there is a Disabled Persons Railcard targeted specifically at this group and you can find out more about this and other options available when travelling by train by reading Ways to Cut the Cost of Rail Travel .

Visiting UK Attractions

Many of the UK tourist attractions offer reduced rates or in some cases free access for disabled visitors. In many cases there are also special concessions for an accompanying carer, from FREE access to reduced entry. Sometimes it might be the ability to jump to the front of the queue.

Leaflets and brochures do not always identify what all the facilities are for the disabled at attractions or when buying a travel ticket, so always make sure you ask. Within our location guides we have tried to give details of what we have been able to find for Special Needs visitors, but there may be more so it's always worth checking out the website of the location you are interested in visiting to make sure what is on offer to you.

When searching out what is available on the internet this information usually is available, but not always obvious for example on the prices page you will find the concessionary rates, but the offers of free or reduced rate accompanying carers is not always mentioned here. However if you search out the 'Access' page you will usually find more detailed information here - but if it's not mentioned then email them and find out what is on offer. You never know if there wasn't anything available they may still deal with your request and give you a special offer anyway.

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