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Tesco Clubcard Deals

Have you considered how shopping at Tesco could help you cut the cost of visiting attractions in the UK. If you already shop at Tesco have you been collecting your clubcard points. Points can be collected In Store, when filling up the car with petrol or making purchases online at a rate of at least 1 point for every 1 spent, the number of points per pound do vary depending on what you are buying, see this link for a full list. There are always extra ways of getting more either by special Extra Point offers on selected products in store each week, or the extra vouchers they send with the quarterly account information. You can also collect points in other ways, if you have one of their credit cards you collect points for all items you purchase against it, or from their selection of partners and if you have one of their mobile phone packages then you can earn 3 points for every 1 you top-up.

Once you have a Clubcard the points are added to an account and once every 3 months you are sent a quarterly statement together with monetary value vouchers for the points collected so far, which are valid for a two year period from the point of issue, so you can collect them up until you have enough to use. These can be used as money off future shopping bills, against purchases made on the website, or converted to your Airmiles account where 2.50 of Tesco Clubcard vouchers gets you 60 miles, we have a separate article that looks at Airmiles in more detail. You can also use Clubcard Vouchers to purchase what are termed 'Clubcard Deals' for some of the following activities:

Clubcard Deal Tokens and Days Out

Once you have the monetary vouchers you can convert them into 'Clubcard Deal' Vouchers which can be used for the types of activities listed above, but here we are going to concentrate on how to go about using them for cost effective Days Out.

They can be a good deal, for example on most of their Days Out offerings, every 5 of Clubcard vouchers converts into 15 of Deals vouchers which can be used for any of the 226 Days Out (at March 2011) offers across the UK. These do change, some coming out of the programme while more often new ones being added, so you need to keep up to date with their website on what the current offers are.

Once Deals vouchers are issued they are valid for 6 months so you don't have to use them straight away. You don't even have to plan too early in advance or get large quantities with the risk of them running out of date before you get to use them,  as you can order them online and they arrive through the post within a couple of days. You can select which venues you might want to visit to work out what Deal Vouchers value you want to get by a number of methods including an full alpha listing, by age group, by region, or by type i.e. Wildlife, Museums etc.

The Days Out Deal vouchers come in denominations of 5 and 10 values, but when you use them at the attraction they cannot give you back any change, so you decide if you are going to give them a little extra, or pay with vouchers up to a value and add the remainder in cash. I'll give you some examples:

You want a day out at Forde Abbey   in Somerset. Two adult tickets in 2011 costs 21.00. In Clubcard Deals this would cost you 5 (for 15 worth of vouchers plus 6 in cash) but saving you 10 for a great day out.

Visiting Wookey Hole Caves also in Somerset in 2011. Two adult tickets would cost 32. With Clubcard Deals it would cost you 10 (for 30 in vouchers plus 2 in cash) saving you 20.

Using the West Somerset Railway also in Somerset in 2011. An Family Day Rover ticket (2+4) for unlimited travel would cost 43. With Clubcard Deals it would cost you 15 (for 45 in Deals) but still saving you 28 on your day out.

These are just two examples of what you could do and what savings you could make using the deal vouchers. So if you are already collecting Clubcard points, using them can give you FREE days out, however if you're not collecting Clubcard points or you are but not using them to give yourself a cost effective/free day out then why not, check out their website to see what you could do.

Fore more information on how Clubcard Deals could make your photography trips more cost effective and to find out what Deals are available to you, then check out the Tesco website here.

Amongst our Location Guides you will find a 'T' next to the item or in the note field in a list identifying those locations which accept Tesco Clubcard Deal Vouchers. Some of these are listed below:-

Black Country Living History, Dudley

Blists Hill Victorian Town, Ironbridge, Shropshire

Forde Abbey, Chard, Somerset

Forde Abbey, Somerset

Isle of Wight Steam Railway

National Botanic Garden of Wales, Carmarthenshire

Shugborough Estate, Staffordshire

West Somerset Railway, Somerset

Wookey Hole Caves, Somerset

For up to date prices and offers always check their website.


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