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When Photographers Resource started it was the newsletter of Camera Images. Later it split away to become a separate operation.

Camera Images was the main training provider for advanced users and professionals using Nikon cameras.

With the recession the cost of selling courses exceeded the revenue they produced so Camera Images decided not to take on new clients, but to still provide training to it's existing customer base.

The courses mentioned in the articles below are no longer available unless you are an existing client of Camera Images.

Topic Index - Camera Images Training 

HNK Day Course. The most popular Camera Images course, taking you through the area of photography and workings specifically with the Nikon DSLR you have.

The Conversion Short, moving to a different Nikon DSLR camera.

Sharpness Masterclass for those who have mastered the basics of photography, this course shows you techniques to help you improve the sharpness of your photos.

Creative Lighting and Flash (CLG). Looking in a bit more detail at our CLG training day, but also looking at flash and showing that there is more to it than we first realise as well as covering the options of Nikon Flash methods available to you and listing other courses we have which will contain an element of flash, but not to the same degree.

Black & White Masterclass. Dual tone, sepia and  Black & White photography is popular at the moment and more people wanting to both understand it and get to grips with producing stunning and memorable results.  The Masterclass on Black & White Photography covers this in detail, covering filters and when they are used, in camera and editing methods to get good results.

Exposure Masterclass. The object is to be able to manage exposure in just about any situation, coping with challenging situations and extremes, as well as being in creative control at all times. This, like several others, may at first seam like a simple subject but is an interesting and exciting range of knowledge and skills that allows you not only to get the right exposure in more situations but to understand why problems arise and how to overcome them. You take away with you both the understanding and skills as well as an exposure aid that is exclusively produced for clients of Camera  Images.

Camera Images ‘Short’ 3 hour course that can be taken on its own or combined with others on Exposure Control and Graduated Filters, and we have also covered a little on this. In under half the time, the same ground cannot be covered as in the Masterclass but the basics and areas that are either of most interest or most relevant to your photographic interests can be covered. 

Capture NX Editing (CNX). Our 2nd most popular course. In a day we can take a person with no or little previous experience of editing and show them how to perform a wide range of editing tasks, allow them to get some hands on experience at editing and edit a number of photographs making their own decisions on what changes to make.

Quick Start Short - Getting Started with Your Camera The idea of the quick start, is to give you rapidly just enough information to get you started rather than the whole picture across ground that you are not necessarily going to use immediately. It is still one to one and you should still cover and understand over twice as much ground,  as you would in a day group course. It is also relevant to the camera and equipment that you personally have now. Run with and for you personally, you cannot get left behind, or attend this course and be unable to use your camera.

Quick Start Short - Flash. We look in particular at the camera and flash unit you have and the particular need you have to use flash at that time without going into all the possibilities that would be covered on our normal Day course.

Macro Training takes an overview look at each of the Camera Images courses.

Introduction to online interactive courses 

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Training Vouchers

Introduction to Training Vouchers

Training Vouchers from Training Providers Perspective

Training Vouchers & Discount Blocks

Photographic, Training and Experience Holidays

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VIP Plus Ghana Experience

Selecting a Photographic Experience Holiday



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