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Introduction to Photographers Resource

  • A growing fully indexed reference source for photographers and others.

  • A completely FREE quality online monthly magazine, usually out in time for the 1st of the month, new articles, and loads of new location guides and reference information added every month, many months having one or two special features.

  • Information on where to take photographs - detailed location guides, indexed by topic, county and alphabetically. All with information grids, most with photographs, map links and more.

  • Information on special photographic opportunities - photographers diary, this month and next, wildlife diary and more.

  • Huge growing listings in relation to specific topics, for example 100's of windmills, every Stone Circle, 100's of Lighthouses, Roman Sites, steam railways, abbey ruins, cathedrals, over 1000 gardens, castles, living history museums, canals, historic houses, viewpoints, walks, waterfalls..... all wildlife, and much more.

  • Written by very experienced photographers for photographers.

  • Most information relevant to people looking for days out for themselves, couples or families.

  • More to come so remember to to come back EVERY month.

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Your First Visit, a quick single page explaining how to use the site and some of the important symbols to look out for as you browse.

How to use this site, a description of what is available and how you may be able to make the most of it.

Why we have advertising an explanation of why we decided to have advertising included, while still keeping this a non profit site.


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