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How to use this site

In some ways we are like a printed magazine, in some ways an encyclopaedia and in some ways a completely new format.

Every month we have a new issue that links to a range of other articles, so you can learn new things slowly over a month, but with a printed magazine its difficult to find past articles, while we have them all indexed in a number of ways so you can get back to them, as well as back copies of all previous issues still available as well.

With a printed magazine, space is limited, while we have no such limitation, so we can produce huge indexes, for example indexing every windmill by county, over a thousand gardens open to the public, every steam railway, and all types of British wildlife and more. Many articles are regularly updated as well.

This resource is based around a number of sections

  • Location guides, with details, grids, links etc, all indexed by topic, alphabetically and by county.

  • Galleries with collections of pictures.

  • Route Guides and other specialist pages.

  • Lists by topic often within a county, allowing you to find so much more to see.

  • Portals offering similar information for other countries.

  • A monthly and future diary system to tell you about a very large number of events, and activities that are on, that you might like to photograph.

  • A reference section with everything from mapping and weather to comparison information.

  • A large number of articles, covering topics to photograph, photographic techniques and more, indexed to relevant topics, as well as in a topic index and indexed alphabetically, a past list of issues shows the main themes, giving another route to find articles.

  • A monthly issue presents new material in an interesting way and keeps you moving forward.

  • Developing sections, so you will find an entire section on preservation steam railways, another on abbeys and cathedrals, another of Roman Britain and the like. These not only provide a rapid way to find all the information we have on these locations, but also include a lot of 'how to photograph', and 'how to research' type of articles as well. Other sections cover topics like cutting costs, making photography pay and over time many, many more being added.

To make it both easier to see what is at a location and to understand where all hyperlinks will take you, you will find we have many key symbols. In articles you will be able to see which links go to location guides, which to links, which are external links and far more. Holding your mouse over a symbol will remind you of its meaning, while clicking on any of these 'key' symbols will bring up a listing of all that are currently in use in a separate window so you don't loose the place you are currently at. At various points around the system, where they are most likely to be useful, for example in the topic index, you will find them listed on the side of the page.

Another set of key symbols appear by photographs, this informs you of the copyright status of the images. Many of the images you can use if you wish, and these links explain the Creative Commons licence that relates to this, and often a link back to the original source of the images. A third set of key symbols covers the risk status of various wildlife species.

We believe in sharing, not only in using Creative Commons text and pictures available to us, but also sharing what we have, and you will see all of our pages are available to be used in other websites as complete pages. You will see the creative commons licence on every page, and also a link and information on how to link to every page. Any of our pages that are linked up within other websites will always contain the top 'in page' button set that allows people to get back to this site and often to specific sections if they wish.

Learning more Photography Skills

We have regular articles on how to undertake various photography challenges, about different aspects of photography, we also have some exercises and many projects. In most special sections there will be a 'how to' article, for example how to photograph a cathedral, abbey ruin, or similar, and in many situations you will be able to look at location guides that appeared at the same time, that often illustrate the points being made. Some location guides have a large number of photographs, some shown all the time, others in rotators where the images change. Clicking on images in the rotator brings up a stationary copy of this image, and clicking on most smaller images produces a larger one. You can right click and save a copy of any image to your own disk to look at in your photo editing program. Unfortunately like all websites, all images have to be low resolution JPG's, we can't put up the high quality originals as these would just take far too long to load.

Make use of it

  • When you want to find specific information, its all easy to find and indexed many ways.

  • There is no registration, no emails or junk mail, no costs.

  • Take a look each month at the new issue, it comes out in time for the 1st of the month.

  • Look at back issues at any time.

Join in if you like, and help us to grow, by:-

  • Writing new location guides, we have grids, guides and other information available to help you.

  • Testing out location guides.

  • Supplying photos to assist us to show others what is at locations.

  • Writing articles on topics of interest, like introducing a subject or topic area, a photographic related item or some other relevant item.

  • Generating lists.

  • Taking charge of a topic area and keeping it up to date and expanding it.

  • Developing or expanding a portal based on another country.

  • Telling us of any errors you feel may be present.

  • Helping others to find out about this FREE resource.

  • Suggesting extra useful index links.

  • Suggesting articles or topics that you would like to see covered.

  • Suggest another way.

If this is your Your First Visit, then this quick single page explaining how to use the site and some of the important symbols to look out for as you browse, may be a good place to start.

Click here to get the latest issue and then any link on the left or top to get to just about any other section.

We also have a site map to see many other starting options, but this is probably more of a last resort, the main alpha index contains more and this, or the topic index, is likely to be of far more use to you.

The very best monthly magazine for Photographers and anyone who likes to get out and visit Britain. ISSN 2399-6706


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