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Are you new to our resource?

This resource has a number of sections allowing you to find information on a wide range of places that you can visit to photograph, articles and information on specific types of attractions or historic features as well as extensive articles on aspects of photography.

Over the years this has built into an extensive collection but it is structured in a unique way, in that articles containing links, one to another, forming a jigsaw pattern of wider areas of knowledge. In addition to this we have everything indexed in several ways.

Previous back issues are available to you via the 'recent editions' link. Each issue linked to articles, many of which link to very many more detailed location guides on individual places and to photo galleries on some. Unlike a printed magazine we had no limit on the number of pages we added, so many editions had as much content as a book, you just use what interests you.

The whole lot is indexed, so each month as we add more, we add it all into a number of large indexes, alphabetically, into a structured index by subject (topic) and a county index as well. For our counties, we use the old ceremonial counties, as their boundaries stay constant, and have a map to get you to these. We have also added in a lot of reference and other information, lists of many things like, all stone circles, windmills in the UK, all fords, all ..... well you get the idea, lots of information.

This means we have built over all the editions to date a huge resource, initially intended for photographers but now also used by very many others and we get readers every month from just about every country around the world. Each month we will add more and more and it gets bigger and more complete. It is as you will realise an online monthly magazine, ISSN 2399-6706, but with the addition of much greater availability than other magazines can achieve.

For those with specific interests we also have a range of front doors (doorways), so you can find a front door for steam trains, for Romans, for .... well lots of different interests. We also have special portals on specific topics. See the Sections Index to get to these.

Within articles we link to previous coverage, so our articles are like pieces of a jigsaw, filling in all the pieces, making things clearer. You know its a link to one of our articles as it has the symbol, similarly if its a link to one of our lists you see the symbol. Our route guides have a compass symbol like and the location guides have three symbols, with a more detailed feature guide having an eye symbol, and quick guides which are just basic information shown as an egg timer.   System pages like sections, indexes, topic pages etc are identified with . For some sections we also have interactive maps   like lighthouses, showing where each lighthouse is situated and each is linked to the relevant location page with its full details. Where we have a PDF document you can download then you will see a PDF symbol next to its title. The flag shows its a link to an outside website and will always open in a new browser window. 

All photographs and images on the site are routinely produced 640x480, some are larger, but where we have a smaller image on a page, a See Larger Image symbol points out that you can click on this image to see the larger version, which will open in a new browser window. We also have galleries and they are identified with their own set of symbols, there is a gallery button with the word gallery on, but items can also be linked using the camera symbol. Another set of key symbols appearing by photographs, informs you of the copyright status of the image. Many of the images you can use if you wish, and these links explain the Creative Commons licence that relates to the image, and often a link back to the original source of the images.

We also have symbols for different types of places, most make sense when you see them, and if you put your mouse over any symbol it displays its meaning, while clicking on any symbol shows you a full list of them, in a new browser window, so you don't loose where you are reading. You will find the more commonly used symbols defined in the legends box in the panel on the left.

We also have a set of calendars, within the Diary section that tell you what's on, with links to find out more. We don't keep out of date calendar pages, the links all change too much. The diary section also includes a wildlife diary so that you can see what the photographic opportunities are relating to wildlife and nature.

Over time we add major new topics and develop these to be the best resource on that topic. If we were a printed magazine we would be limited to the amount that would fit between the advertisements,  while being online we have no physical limit, just time. So many of our topics are huge, many months we don't add the contents of a magazine but the equivalent to several books. This means that in many topics we have the most complete and largest amount of information available, we have all Lighthouses in use around our coasts, every Windmill with Sails and most others where any major remains exist are listed. We have every Stone Circle, Carved Hill Feature, all preservation Railways, Living History museums, and major sections on Roman Britain , Waterfalls, coastal, thousands of Gardens and large Historic Houses, , many Castles , all the Abbeys and major religious buildings and more. We also have information on various wildlife and some plants. I am sure you get the idea, look through back issues or the topic or sections indexes to see the full range we have so far.

Each month more gets added and as its all indexed multiple ways you can find it. We have covered a large number of photographic skills, techniques and special interests all defined and explained with projects and more. All of this makes a huge resource, and much of it is of general interest to everyone who likes to get out and explore Britain, as well as photographers.

All you need to do is to remember to come back regularly and see what's new and when any question arises to consider coming to see what we have in our resources available. Its all FREE, there is no registration or other requirements and advertising is kept to an absolute minimum and never in the centre of articles or other information. There are no paid staff and we cover our costs by you occasionally clicking on an advert and from this we get a few pence.

So please come back regularly to see what's new and use us as a resource. You can also become involved if you like, and feel free to use our pages within your website or link to us, the bottom of every page explains how to do this.


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