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Industrial Heritage

Industrial heritage covers very many areas within heritage, including but not limited to factory and industrial or manufacturing processes of all types, transport systems, buildings and housing, sanitation and water supplies. Throughout history there has been industrial aspects to most sites, from Neolithic stone workings through to cottage industries and on through the industrial revolutions.

Industrial Archaeology is the study of this and was a term first used by Michael Rix in the 1950's in Birmingham, UK. Initially it was not accepted as a valid branch of archaeology by professional archaeologists, but later gained acceptance. One of the first areas in the UK to be subject to a systematic study of its industrial archaeology was the Ironbridge Gorge in Shropshire. Over the last ten years a major study has occurred in the Sheffield area looking at its history in relation to the production of steel.

In more recent times there has been an increase in the interest in industrial sites that, up to relatively recently, had no protection and most created no interest. Often where buildings had protection orders the machinery that remained within them did not.

Study, renovation and visitor attractions have become a rapidly growing feature of industrial sites where a generation ago they were considered to be waste ground. However there are many hundreds of sites that will eventually be restored, and many that can be explored now that are not yet on the tourist trail.

Some have become valued by the world at large, included in the listing of World Heritage Sites or included in the European Route of Industrial Heritage, many have or are in the process of becoming tourist attractions and many are receiving funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, to allow restoration. Some industrial sites are included within Living History Museums.

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We have under the Heritage  classification many areas of industrial heritage, and a wide range of special sections available in Heritage Section  that have been in many cases created when covered in a featured editions and some other more general articles on these areas including:-

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