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Pecca Falls

On Ingleton Waterfalls Trail, Ingleton, Lancashire

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There are two sets of falls known as Pecca Falls on the  Ingleton Waterfalls Trail one below the other. Going clockwise around the walk you come first to the Lower falls, before climbing to see the twin falls.

Out of the woodland there is a viewing platform for the Pecca Falls. In the distance you can see the lower part of the Falls and the Pecca Bridge.

The final steps to get on to Pecca Bridge are deep. You can get views of these falls from the bridge straight on, or from a viewing area on the other side of the bridge and up some twisting steps. Following the steps and pathway seeing some of the lower falls here from above, you then reach the Pecca Twin Falls. 

Lower Pecca Falls Pecca Twin Falls

Lower Pecca Falls

This first set are in Pecca Glen, where the vegetation has changed from limestone to bracken and heather on slate and sandstone. There are 5 main waterfalls in a series, dropping a total of 100ft (30 metres). Most of them are provided with wooden observation platforms, but not all of them are easy to see. The river tumbles off the sandstone steps into the plunge pools below, some of which are as deep as the falls themselves.

Pecca Twin Falls

This set of falls are not as high as some of the others on the Ingleton walk, but there are two falls one higher than the other dropping down into one plunge pool below. There is a viewing platform to get a good view and as the steps wind away and up higher you can take a look back and get some aerial effect shots of this part of the Pecca Twin Falls.


This waterfall is one of a number located on the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail access is available from this trail which is open to the public (with charges), see walks location guide for common details.

Next waterfall on the trail is Hollybush Spout

Location:    Pecca Falls on Ingleton Waterfalls Trail, Ingleton, Lancashire

Grid Reference: SD695748 Ceremonial County: Lancashire and Yorkshire

Map Link: StreetMap 

Aerial photo:

Other information: See Ingleton Waterfalls Trail, access is via this trail

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