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Brown October brings the last…


The summer visitors amongst the bird populations start to head off south to Africa.   While insect populations begin to decline, remaining as caterpillars and pupae during the following cold months.

What to See Where to See and comment What it looks like
Deer The  rutting season begins where stags compete for hinds by fighting each other with their antlers.

Redwings  return from the north
Fieldfares  return from the north
Red Squirrels

Squirrels and How to Photograph Them

Undergo their autumn moult and their coats become these deep red, tails fill out and their little tufty ears reappear.  If you want to see them then take a look at Where to photograph Red Squirrels for places in the UK.

Red Squirrel Week takes place this month, see diary for details.


Barnacle Goose 

Brent Goose 

Pink Footed Goose 

White Fronted Goose 

Canada Goose 

Greylag Goose 

The big migration of Winter Migrants makes a start this month, with geese returning to our shores and wetland reserves, from their breeding grounds.


Picture - Pink Footed Goose


Whooper Swan

Bewick Swan


Swans also start to return to our shores in small numbers which gradually build over the coming months.



Picture - Bewick's Swan

Toads Hibernate under rocks and stones  
Frogs Go to the bottom of a pond or a protected place  


The start of autumn is here and the trees in our woodlands and roadsides start to reveal their autumn colours, quite suddenly if there’s a sharp frost.

What to See Where to See and comment What it looks like

Fruiting bodies carpet the woodland floor


Picture - Fly Agaric

Toadstools Look out for fairy rings formed by toadstools in grassland  
Beefsteak fungus on oak and chestnut trees  
Beech trees    
Oak trees    
Maple trees    
Horse Chestnut trees Watch out for conkers. See the October diary for the World Conker Championships details.
Ash trees    
Old man’s beard spreads like a blanket over hedgerows  
Hedgerows fruits and berries continue to provide food for birds  


See Also

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