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Where to Photograph Red Squirrels

We are attempting to list all places where photographers can photograph squirrels within the UK. This is the start of a list that will both grow over time and hopefully we will be able to add more columns or information.

When going on a Squirrel Photographic Trip take the following into consideration:

  • The typical Red Squirrel habitat is coniferous woodland.
  • The Reds are smaller and lighter than the Grey Squirrel so they can reach the cones on the tips of the branches more easily. Look for them on the branches of conifers in coniferous woodlands.
  • Red Squirrels like to eat seeds, berries, nuts and fruit. Watch for them feeding on the forest floor as well as scrambling up tree trunks. Red Squirrels spend approximately three-quarters of their active day above the ground in trees and shrubs.
  • Timing your visit is crucial. During the autumn and winter the Red Squirrels are up early and often disappear at 11am for a siesta.
  • Some reserves have feeding areas which are attractive to Red Squirrels e.g. Loch Garten, Formby. This means that you're almost guaranteed a Squirrel watching experience.
  • Never disturb a Red Squirrel. These animals must not be intentionally trapped or kept, or have their dreys disturbed except under licence, by law.

Where the names in the first column is hyperlinked this links to a Location page with more information on this site and over time more of these will be added, we will be delighted if some of you would like to also produce location pages.
FC. = Forestry Commission

Squirrel Location


County NGR

Website Link

Brownsea Island Poole Harbour Dorset SZ028878

Wildlife Trust Site

National Trust

Formby Point Formby Merseyside SD275080 National Trust  
Kielder Forest Bellingham Northumberland NY632934 Kielder Forest

Kielder Castle Forest Park Centre

FC. has the biggest population of red squirrels in England, especially at the wildlife hide near Leaplish.

Squirrels Pantry Tea Room

Oakhurst Garden Centre, Lamplugh Road, Cockermouth Cumbria NY116296 Squirrels Pantry Tea Room Red squirrels visit daily to feast on the food that is provided for them, and the garden centre sells Red Squirrel Food.

Ainsdale Reserve

Formby Merseyside SD292110 Ainsdale Reserves  
Galloway Forest Park Newton Stewart Dumfriessshire NX428855

Forestry Commission

Galloway Forest Park

Glen Tanar Cairngorms SCT   Glen Tanar  
Muirhead Red Squirrel Sanctuary, Dundee Dundee Angus   Muirhead Red Squirrel Sanctuary, Dundee  
Wallington Hall Morpeth Northumberland NZ030843

National Trust

Wallington Hall

has a wildlife hide at which red squirrels are a regular visitor
Sefton Coast   Merseyside   Sefton, Merseyside Red squirrels are present in woodland and urban areas along the Sefton Coast from Crosby in the south to Southport in the North.
Killhope Lead Mining Museum Upper Weardale Northumberland   Killhope Lead Mining Museum has a red squirrel hide.
Isle of Wight   Hampshire   Wight Squirrels 3,500 on the island living mainly in broadleaved woodland
Thetford Chase   Norfolk


   in East Anglia
Cannock Chase Forest   Staffordshire   Cannock Chase Forest  
Hope Forest   Derbyshire      
Whinlatter Forest Park and Visitor Centre Keswick Cumbria NY209245 Whinlatter Forest Park

Visitor Centre

FC. Live video cam during Autumn and Winter on Squirrel Feeding station
Miterdale Egremont Cumbria NY146012 Miterdale Forestry Commission
Giggle Alley Eskdale Gree Cumbria NY141002 Giggle Alley FC
Bowness Knott Ennerdale Cumbria NY109153 Bowness Knott Car Park FC
Moor Top Hawkshead Cumbria SD343965 Moor Top Car Park FC
Bogle Crag Hawkshead Cumbria SD338932 Bogle Crag FC
Dodd Wood Keswick Cumbria NY240275 Dodd Wood FC
Ennerdale Ennderdale Cumbria NY109153 Ennerdale FC
Newborough Forest Newborough Anglesey SH400650 Newborough FC
Clocaenog Ruthin Denbighshire SJ000530 Clocaenog FC. Largest population in Wales and now centre of conservation work.
RSBP Loch Garten Aviemore Highland NH978183 RSPB  
Daviot Wood Inverness Highland NH710415 Daviot Wood FC. Common in this wood
Clune Wood Banchory Aberdeenshire NO794954 Clune Wood FC. Red squirrels are common
Oatyhill Entrance Laurencekirk Aberdeenshire NO700702 Oatyhill Entrance FC. Can be seen throughout the year.
Tyrebagger Wood Aberdeen Aberdeenshire NJ870040 Tyrebagger Wood FC. Regularly seen here
Whitehills Car park Monymusk Aberdeenshire NJ657133 Whitehills Car park FC. Can be seen early morning or at dusk
Bennachie Inverurie Aberdeenshire NJ665225 Bennachie FC. At dawn or dusk
Culbokie Wood Culbokie Highlands   Culbokie Wood FC
Roseisle Kinloss Moray NJ104656 Roseisle FC. Active throughout forest when few visitors about
Balfour Wood Entrance Aboyne Aberdeenshire NO546963 Balfour Wood Entrance FC
Moray Christmas Tree Sales Centre   Moray   Moray Christmas Tree Sales Centre FC Frequent visitors to this wood
Tarbet and Skipness Tarbert Argyllshire NR880636 Tarbert and Skipness FC
Upper Deeside Forests Braemar Aberdeenshire NO4199 Upper Deeside Forests FC. Red Squirrels thrive here
Scolty Woodland Park Banchory Aberdeenshire NO660950 Scolty Woodland Park FC. Red Squirrels thrive here
Erchite, part of Great Glen Forest Inverness Highland NH390108 Erchite FC. Squirrel habitat is protected here.
Red Squirrel Car Park Peebles Peebleshire NT285402 Red Squirrel Car Park FC.
Caberston Innerleithen   NT334370 Caberston FC. Can see both Grey and Red Squirrels in these woods. RS feeding stations
Fetteresso Auchenblae Aberdeenshire NO750850 Fetteresso FC. Thrive here
South Loch Ness Car Park Dores Highland NH550284 South Loch Ness Carpark FC. The Reds can be seen crossing the road here.
Whinfell Forest nr Penrith Cumbria NY580275 Whinfell Forest-Center Parcs Has a population of Reds in the woods

This list will continue to grow as we come across new places. REMEMBER if know of somewhere that you feel is a good place please let us know.


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