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Where to Photograph Hillside figures

We are attempting to list all places where photographers can photograph Hillside figures within the UK. This is the start of a list that will both grow over time and hopefully we will be able to add more columns or information.

Where the names in the first column is hyperlinked this links to a Location page with more information on this site and over time more of these will be added, we will be delighted if some of you would like to also produce location pages.

Hillside figure
White Horses


County NGR Notes
Uffington White Horse Uffington Oxfordshire SU302866  
Alton Barnes White Horse Alton Barnes Wiltshire SU106637  
Broad Town White Horse Broad Town Wiltshire SU098783  
Cherhill White Horse
Oldbury White Horse
Cherhill, nr Calne Wiltshire SU049696  
Devizes White Horse Devizes Wiltshire SU016641  
Hackpen White Horse
Broad Hinton White Horse
Winterbourne Bassett White Horse
Broad Hinton Wiltshire SU128749  
Marlborough White Horse
Preshute White Horse
Preshute, nr Marlborough Wiltshire SU184682  
Pewsey White Horse Pewsey Wiltshire SU171580  
Westbury White Horse
Bratton White Horse
Bratton near Westbury Wiltshire ST898516  
Cleadon Hills White Horse   Tyne and Wear NZ393645 small painted on rock face
Folkestone White Horse Folkestone Kent TR198382  
Heeley Millennium Park White Horse Sheffield South Yorkshire SK354851  
Kilburn White Horse


Yorkshire SE514813  
Litlington White Horse   Sussex TQ510009  
Mormond White Horse
Strichen White Horse
  Aberdeenshire NJ961566 plus stag see below
Osmington White Horse   Dorset SY716841  
Woolbury White Horse   Hampshire SU381351  
Luzley Horse
Heather horse
Dardley Greater Manchester SD972010 difficult to see

Hillside figure


County NGR Notes
Cerne Abbas Giant Cerne Abbas Dorset ST667017  
Long Man of Wilmington   East Sussex TQ542034  
Cambridge Giants   Cambridgeshire TL495532 only outlines of some characters remain
Bulford Kiwi   Wilshire SU200439  
Laverstock Panda   Wilshire SU169320  
Compton Chamberlain Military Badge   Wilshire SU043291  
Fovant Down Military Badges   Wilshire SU016283  
Sutton Down Military Badges   Wilshire ST983270  
Lamb Down Military Badge   Wilshire ST983393  
Combe Martin Badge     SS575475  
Shoreham Cross   Kent TQ514619  
Lenham Cross   Kent TQ903529  
Wye Crown Wye Kent TR071466  
Battle of Britain Memorial Folkestone Kent TR245381 Propeller
Bleriot Memorial
Dover aeroplane
  Kent TR327421  
Watlington White Mark   Oxfordshire SU700938 large triangle
Bledlow Cross   Oxfordshire SP769009  
Whiteleaf Cross   Buckinghamshire SP821039  
Whipsnade Lion   Bedfordshire SP996177  
Mormond White Stag   Aberdeenshire NJ961566 plus White Horse see above
Whitehawk Hawk Whitehawk, near Brighton East Sussex TQ344044  
Newburgh Bear Lindores Abbey, Newburgh Fife, Scotland NO252183 Black bear with stick
Stoke Swan       constructed as a community art project in Oct 2002, it is called White Flight II.
Warwick Swan   Warwickshire SP338581  
Sidmouth Donkey  Salcombe Regis Devon SY162895 Donkey Sanctuary near Salcombe Regis. 50 high by 30 wide Concrete (2002), best viewed from the visitors centre. Free access and parking.
Stratford Rabbits Stratford Warwickshire SP221572 Four rabbits on Ryon Hill, just outside Stratford.  Scene is about 30m wide and 25m high. The rabbits can only be seen when driving northbound from Stratford on the A439 (formerly A46)
West Clandon Dragon West Clandon Surrey TQ042509  
Trie Cassyn   IOM SC250845 3 legged symbol
Ditchling Cross   East Sussex TQ360127 difficult, nearly lost now
E II R Lewes East Sussex TQ424108 Just about visible now,  marked  the 25th anniversary of the coronation of Elizabeth II (1978)

Julian's Bower  

Alkborough Lincolnshire SE879217 A turf maze


White Horses by size, sorted by length

Italic horses no longer exist, included to show historic change.

White Horse



Length Height



365 ft

110 ft

112 m

34 m



300 ft

150 ft

100 m

50 m



280 ft

323 ft

86 m

99 m


Westbury, new

170 ft

180 ft

52 m

55 m

Once chalk, now painted concrete


162 ft

126 ft

50 m

39 m


Alton Barnes

160 ft

166 ft

49 m

51 m


Devizes, new

150 ft

147 ft

46 m

45 m



126 ft

66 ft*

39 m

20 m*

*Height from back to hooves


120 ft

160 ft

37 m

49 m


Westbury, early

100 ft

<100 ft*

31 m

<31 m*

*Gough said the height as "near one hundred feet"


90 ft

90 ft

28 m

28 m


Litlington, new

89 ft

66 ft

27 m

20 m


Broad Town

80 ft

60 ft

24 m

18 m


Tan Hill

75 ft

not known

23 m




70 ft

60 ft

21 m

18 m


Pewsey, new

66 ft

45 ft

20 m

14 m


Pewsey, old

43 ft

 Not known

13 m




27 ft

18 ft

8 m

6 m

Whitewashed flints

Cleadon Hills

10 ft

7 ft

3 m

2 m

Painted on a rock face

This list will continue to grow as we come across new places. REMEMBER if know of somewhere that you feel is a good place please let us know.

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