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Heeley Millennium Park White Horse

Heeley Millennium Park, Sheffield

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There is a horse constructed from concrete and painted on The Mound in Heeley Millennium Park in Sheffield. Designed by Mandy Burton, it was created in April 2000 by park staff and volunteers to commemorate Barney, a horse which died as a result of an arson attack at neighbouring Heeley City Farm in 1995.

A large, simplified image of a horse carved into the surface of a grassy hill at the top of the park. It is best viewed from a distance. It measures 7.9m high x 13m wide. The surface of the carving is very smooth and local children enjoy sliding down it.

In May every year there is a repainting festival, and the appearance of the horse changes from year to year as a result of this. Originally white in 2000,  in 2001 hand prints were added in light grey paint giving a dappled effect. In 2002 it was painted as a zebra, in 2003 the horse was painted with rainbow colours. In 2006 it was painted to resemble a fairground carousel horse. At one point it may have been a spotted horse, as this is mentioned on a council page.

It was designed between June 1999 - April 2000 and unveiled on May 1st 2000. The making process involved digging out the turf to a depth of 6 inches, a layer of hardcore was put down, and then ready mixed concrete was poured on and beaten down by a team of fifteen or more people. A chalk-like appearance was achieved with smoothed concrete.

Like most white horses, this one faces to the left.

There are many pages on the internet that this is mentioned on, but none that are specific or that give information like if it is always open etc. It is a public park, and schools do projects here, so it is likely that there are WC's etc.

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Heeley Millennium Park White Horse, Sheffield

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Ordnance survey SK354851

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Heeley Millennium Park White Horse, Sheffield

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See maps - linked above


Access from car park to the Community Centre on View Road, opposite Heeley City Farm.


Community Centre Car Park



Things To Do, See and Photograph:

Horse, plus other sculptures, that may change over time.

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Nature highlights:

Not as likely in this location







Opening times:

Public park, will be open at any time you can photograph it.



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None I am aware of

Other Restrictions: Children may be playing, sliding down it, some people get funny about children being photographed.
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Children Facilities: Ideal place for children.
Dogs Allowed: Unlikely.

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