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Duncansby Head Stacks, nr John O'Groats, Caithness, Scotland

Our New Look


Up until now we have each month produced a newsletter, but this takes up a lot of time and we have found, like printed magazines, that over time we were going around the loop covering the same topics again. We felt it would be far better to concentrate on developing the articles and guides that make up this resource and to drop the monthly newsletter.

You can still get to all the newsletters going back some years from the 'Recent Editions' button on the left and this will remain visible, under our new look. If you are therefore looking for suggestions as to what might be relevant to you for you to photograph in a particular month you can get back to the relevant month past issues over several years.

Each month we will still be producing the Photographers Diary, and this short page will also change a little. The diary will aim to be available at the beginning of each month so you still see at that point two months ahead.

Throughout the month rather than as previously we will add articles and guides plus continue the mammoth job of updating the vast number of pages we now have. New articles, guides and major revisions will be shown in a listing lower down this page, and this will grow over the month. At the month end we will trim off entries that are over a month old, so that at any time you can see what has been added recently.

Helping Us, Helping You

There is no possibility in the two of us getting to every location that you could visit, attraction that is open, or viewpoint, and although we know have a very good coverage it could grow much faster if a few of you were to also become involved in producing locations guides. Previously, and you will still see links, we had forms, formats and the like but to encourage more involvement from others, can we suggest you can write material as a simple email, and include at the end the information that you can that you see us display in the grids. What you can't work out we will. Once we have this we will email you and you can then respond to that email with attached images. We like most are cautious about opening attachment files unless we know what is in them. You don't have to be a polished author or have done anything like this before, I can tidy anything up, but what we do need is information from those who have visited locations and can therefore give an informed view of what is available. So why not have a go.

What's New and Changed
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Locations Guides Added and Updated Recently

Ardvreck Castle and Carla House, Loch Assynt, Sutherland

Balnakeil Church, nr Durness, Sutherland

Duncansby Head Stacks, nr John O'Groats, Caithness

Eilean Donan Castle, Dornie, Inverness-shire

Falls of Shin, nr Lairg, Sutherland

St Monan's Windmill and Saltpans, St Monan, Fife

Thurso Castle, Thurso, Caithness

Let's Explain How This Resource Works

One of the most popular features is a monthly diary covering interesting and unusual things on, around the UK, in the two months ahead.

Everything that appears, or ever has, is indexed in a number of ways, alphabetically, by topic, by county, and often linked into sections. Many of the sections have their own front doorways so people with specific interests have direct access through these doors to their area of interest.

Up until July 2012 we also produced a monthly newsletter as apart of this resource, but like magazines going over the years we found it becoming a little repetitive, so decided to concentrate on the resource development and drop the newsletter issues. You can get back to see every newsletter, from the beginning, via our recent editions link.

All of our links are coded showing you if it's an external link or one of our own pages and when it is, the type of page it is. You will find a key to the most popular ones at the bottom of the contents panel on the left and clicking on any of the symbols will bring up a full list. Holding your mouse over one of these symbols tells you what it means.

If this is your first visit, click here to find out how you might best use this site to help you find what you are looking for.


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