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Introduction to Lighting and Reflectors Section


Introduction to Lighting

Introduction to Studio and Flash Lighting  

Studio Lighting - The Parts  


Understanding Flash Guide Numbers

Comparing Nikon Flash Units. The models and their use, macro flash kits, creative lighting system and commander.

Nikon SB900 First look

Nikon Creative Lighting  

Lastolite Ezybox & Ezybox Hotshoe

Mains Flash  

Can Flash Damage Anything

Flash Diffuser - Lambency 

Flash Diffuser - Lambency Compared 

Continuous Lighting

Cool-Lite's Explained  


Reflector Sizes. Reflector size, quoted v actual delivered.

Reflectors application, use and advantages

Looking at Light Cubes

Lastolite UpLite

Lastolite TriFlector  

Home made reflector project   


Lastolite HiLite  

Lastolite KickerLite and UpLite - working together  

Lastolite KickerLite

Home made diffuser project  

Models and Props


Topic Index - Flash, Studio and Reflectors



Price Comparison across UK Suppliers for Nikon Flash Systems as at February 2009

Canon Flash Price Comparison across suppliers as at February 2009


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