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Remote Cables


A typical low cost remote cable

A remote cable plugs into a camera and allows the shutter to be fired. In many cases it is used so as not to shake or move the camera when the shutter is fired, so with very long lenses to avoid camera shake and with time exposures are the most common uses. You can also set off a camera using the self timer, Remote controls  or a Cable to parallel 2 cameras  . Some cameras also have a menu choice that allows a series of pictures to be taken starting at a time and then at set intervals.  Self timers used from running around and getting into the photograph also often have a 2 second delay intended for use instead of a remote cable. While most cables are not very long you can get far longer remote cables that allow a camera to be fired from some way away, replacing the need for a Remote control . The Zigview products also provide the equivalent of a full feature cable release with other facilities as well, including being able to see what the camera can from a remote position.

Cables can have just a button on the end, duplicating the function of the button you normally use so with a Nikon, half press to focus, full down to take, but they can also have a lock position allowing the button to be locked down for period for time. Some units also have an electronic device that is a timer allowing timed long exposures. These electronic units can be simple, or more complex duplicating the functions on some cameras allowing start time and interval times to also be set. The Zigview products provide the ultimate solution in this area.

Other special cables have a plug that goes into the camera and wires or connectors on the other end, these are able to be connected to electric circuitry, relays or switches to fire the camera. So you could wire up a camera to an intruder detector, to a proximity device or to a special trigger such as one that can detect lightening, allowing automation of camera control. You could use detector circuitry to set off the camera in just about any circumstance from photographing wildlife to fly tippers to catching lightening to using the tide or floods to take images to pressure, proximity or speed.

You can also connect a computer to a camera, with the Nikon this is often done using Capture Control Pro or Control Pro2. In this tethered arrangement many of the cameras settings as well as when it is fired can be controlled from the computer or keyboard/mouse. This link can also involve a radio transmitter instead of a cable.

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