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Highland Safaris

Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland

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The personalised Land Rover Mountain Safaris offer you the opportunity to marvel at scenery in a land steeped in history and to explore one of Europe’s last wildernesses.

The Perthshire Estate is home to Wild Red Deer, Red Grouse and Golden Eagle. In the company of knowledgeable kilted guides you  have access to over 250, 000 acres of private land to explore, reaching heights of  2-3000ft. This exclusive safari passes mountain lochans and ancient settlements travelling through forests and moors on private hill tracks. There will be plenty of opportunity to stop and admire the views. While at a scenic outcrop you can sample a memorable ‘dram’ of whisky, if you wish.

Families as well as individual visitors to Scotland's Highland Perthshire can choose from a:

Forest Safari - lasting 1 ½ hours this safari is an ideal family safari taking you to an ancient Caledonia pine forest. Get up close and discover tracks trails, views and clues. Normally Costs Adult £20; Child £10 (Available with Tesco Clubcard Deals )

Mountain Safari - Head for the high tops on a 2 ½ hour safari. Explore one of Europe′s last wilderness with amazing wildlife habitats, outstanding views, history, heritage and geology.  Normally Costs £60 per person (Available as Tesco Clubcard Deals )

Mountain Safari Trek - A 4 hour journey of discovery exploring the stunning environment sculpted by the elements. A ranger led, easy paced walk and Delicious Ghillies picnic lunch in a mountain bothy is included. Other items included in this package is:

  • Refreshments including tea,coffee, dram of whisky and shortbread
  • Binoculars and telescope
  • Wildlife Identification sheets
  • Fact Files on Deer and other highland wildlife
  • Hats and handwarmers if required

Normally Costs Adult £35; Teenager (12-18) £20; Child £15 (Available with Tesco Clubcard Deals )

Other Activities on offer. They also have a Combo Mountain Safari, where you take the wheel and drive the trail, an 4x4 Adventure trailing along an off road driving course, Cycling Safaris - you are transported to the top of a hill and then can make your own way back down at your own speed. They also offer seasonal safaris, taking in specific wildlife and photographic opportunities.

The Weather. They often get 4 seasons in one day in Scotland. Do not be put off by bad or stormy weather as this is often the best time to see a Red Grouse in the heather or some Deer sheltering close to their safari tracks. The light on the hills can change in seconds which is a photographers dream and will leave everlasting memories.

Location: Highland Safaris, Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland

Grid Reference: NN805492 Ceremonial County:  Perthshire

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Getting there: Follow the B846 for 2½ miles past Castle Menzies until you see the Highland Safaris sign at Dull Village. Follow signs up to the Highland Safaris reception.

Access: From Highland Safaris reception building guided tours in landrovers is provided.
Website: www.highlandsafaris.net 
Other Useful Websites:
Address: Highland Safaris, Aberfeldy Perthshire
Postcode: PH15 2JQ Telephone: 01887 820071
Opening Times: N/A

Charges: See above details for offers on Tesco Clubcard Deals  and see their website for other prices.

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Notes: Take suitable outdoor clothing and shoes or boots and a sense of Adventure.

See also our page Tesco Clubcard Deals

For people with disabilities or special needs they can tailor a safari to suit your needs.

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