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Ty Newydd Burial Chamber

Llanfaelog, Anglesey

Location Guide

Photo by Paul Allison

Neolithic Cromlech, now extensively restored. The capstone is held up by two brick pillars which cannot be seen in the above photo.

Photo by Phil Williams

This may have been a passage grave or tumuli. Now there are 4 uprights and a damaged capstone, all held in place by two brick pillars. The capstone measures 12ft (3.7m) by 5ft (1.5m), one other stone lays nearby.

It was excavated in 1936, no human bones were found, the original area of the chamber floor contained a layer of charcoal, and they found very little, a beaker fragment, a bared and tinged arrowhead, a flint chip that may have come from a flint axe, these mostly dating from the bronze age, although from the shape and construction its said to be a Neolithic construction.

The small markers around the stones only shows the limit to the protected area, and has nothing to do with the extent of the original mound as some suggest.

Location: Ty Newydd Burial Chamber, Llanfaelog, Anglesey

Grid Reference: SH344738 Ceremonial County: Anglesey

Map Link: Multimap

Aerial photo: Multimap

Getting there: From the A4040 just beyond Llanfaelog turn left onto the minor road to Bryngwran. After about 600 yards the next monument is on the right

Website: CADW   Photo of notice board on site
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Opening Times: Open all the time

Charges: No charge

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