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Segedunum Roman Fort
Baths and Museum (Wallsend)

Wallsend, Northumberland

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Segedunum Roman Fort stood on the banks of the River Tyne, the last outpost of Hadrian's Wall.

For almost 300 years Segedunum, which means 'strong fort', was home to 600 Roman soldiers.

It is the most excavated Fort along the Wall and has a large interactive museum, plus a 35 metre high viewing tower providing aerial views across this site.

On the other side of the road is a reconstruction of a piece of wall as they think it looked, that you can climb onto. In the grounds of the fort is a reconstruction of a roman bathhouse.


Picture:- The 35m viewing tower

View from Tower, the bathhouse is white building on left

If you look at the aerial photos on either Multimap  or Google  you will see the layout of this fort, now with a road running across a part of it. The piece that you pay to go in to is the larger piece, you also have a museum, a 35 metre high viewing tower where you can go to get an aerial view of the site and the reconstruction of a bathhouse. On the ground you see a plan, there is hardly any stonework. This is not the ideal site to go to expecting to be impressed by the roman remains but perhaps as a wider study of forts and their layout, plus the chance to see the reconstructed bathhouse. The bathhouse is opened up at set times, rather than being available all the time.

The Roman wall was originally to be built from a point at Pont Aelius at Newcastle upon Tyne, and to proceed west. It was later decided to extend it 4 miles to the east to Wallsend, 5 years later in about 127AD this was probably done so as to protect the river crossing at Pont Aelius.   The new section of wall was built in the narrow width used further west. A section of wall ran from the fort out into the river, which is tidal to at least the lowest tidal point. An extensive civilian community grew up around the fort, including unusually an area to the north of the wall.

It is not known who was first stationed at Segedunum, however we do know that in the second century the Second Cohort of Nervians was stationed there. In the third and fourth centuries the part-mounted Fourth Cohort of the Lingones occupied the fort, as recorded in the Notitia Dignitatum.  Both units were 600 strong, 120 cavalry and 480 infantry.

Within the Bathhouse

After around 400AD, the fort was abandoned and became farming country. In the 18th century coal mines were sunk in the area, and this became a pit village. In 1884 the whole fort was covered in terraced housing.

The Segedunum Project did not start until 1997, when there were a series of excavations around the fort, as well as the conversion of a former Swan Hunter shipyard building into a museum and the building of the Bathhouse. This site first opened to the public June 2000.  A large 35metre high observation tower has also been constructed to overlook the site.

The reconstructed section of wall that you can climb,
to the right at ground level the remains of the wall,
this is across the road and outside the attraction.

See the for more images.

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Segedunum Roman Fort, Wallsend, Northumberland

Ceremonial County: Northumberland

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Segedunum Roman Fort, Wallsend, Northumberland

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Getting there:

Segedunum is based on Buddle Street in Wallsend.


Access from car park


Own FREE car park



Things To Do, See and Photograph:

Ground plan of fort, reconstructed bathhouse, shipping etc on river, aerial view from viewing tower.

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Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths & Museum

Buddle Street


North Tyneside


NE28 6HR


0191 236 9347

Opening times:

1 April-31 October: Monday-Sunday 10am-5pm
1 Nov-31 March: Monday-Sunday 10am-3pm
Closed: 25 & 26 December & 1 January.


Adults 4.35; Concessions 2.60; Child (under 16) FREE

Photo Restrictions:


Other Restrictions: None I am aware of
Special Needs Access: level site, modern museum with full access, lifts etc.
Special Needs Facilities: everything you are likely to need
Children Facilities: yes
Dogs Allowed: Guide dogs only

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