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Benwell Roman Temple

Temple of Antenociticus and Vallum Crossing

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland

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Two smaller items that can be found are the Roman Temple of Antenociticus and Vallum crossing at Benwell, all other remains in this area are covered by later developments.

The Fort at Benwall known as Condercum was a cavalry fort built just after 122AD.

Photo above and below by Mike Quinn

The God Antenociticus and Anociticus. The same god, known as Antocidicus and invoked here and at Chesters Roman Fort is thought to have been a warrior or smith deity, although some, from its hair style suggest a connection with either Greek hero gods, tie up with a Celtic deer god. While most religions were practiced by the common soldiers, this one appears to have had support from senior officers of auxiliary units and from legions stationed in Britain.

The inscriptions to Antenociticus at Conderecum (Chesters) are :-

DEO ANTENOCITICO ET NVMINB AVGVSTOR AEL VIBIVS > LEG XX V V VSLM (To the god Antenociticus and the Divine Spirit of the Emperor, Aelius Vibius, centurion of the Twentieth Legion Valiant and Victorious, willingly and deservedly fulfils a vow.);

DEO ANTENOCITICO SACRVM COH I VANGION QVIB PRAE EST ...C CASSIANVS PRAEF VSLM (To the holy god Antenociticus, the First Cohort of Vangiones, under the command of the prefect Gaius Cassianus, willingly and deservedly fulfil their vow.),

 DEO ANOCITICO IVDICIIS OPTIMORVM MAXIMORVM QVE IMP N SVB VLP MARCELLO COS TINEIVS LONGVS IN PREFECTVRA EQVITVM LATO CLAVO EXORNATVS ET Q D (For the god Antenociticus. By the decrees of the best and greatest of our Antenociticus, who enjoy dedications from all the legions stationed in Britain and from senior officers of the auxiliary unit's emperors, under [the administration of] the consular Ulpius Marcellus, while serving as prefect of cavalry, Tineius Longus was adorned with the broad stripe [of a senator] and appointed to the post of Quaestor).


Plaque marking the causeway at Condercium (Benwell) Fort
 Photo by Mike Quinn 

Vallum Crossing photo by Mike Quinn

Gateway pivot stone at vallum crossing at Benwell Fort. Photo by Mike Quinn

The location of the temple

the location of the crossing

Mile forts, turrets and the fort is all under developments and nothing can be seen of these but quite a lot is known about Condercum.

Location: Benwell Roman Temple, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Grid Reference: Temple NZ217646

                    Crossing NZ215646

Ceremonial County: Northumberland

Map Link: Temple Multimap

Crossing  Multimap

Aerial photo: Temple Multimap

Crossing Multimap

Getting there: The temple is in Broomidge Avenue, and Vallum Crossing is in Denhill park

Access: Both access from road
Other Useful Websites: Condercum
Address:  See getting there
Postcode: Telephone:
Opening Times: Always open

Charges: Free

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