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Little Woodham

Rowner, Hampshire

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Imagine something happened and you find yourself thrown back in time walking into the hamlet of Little Woodham. Its the summer of 1642. The villagers, correctly dressed for the period, unlike you, are talking about Charles I and the impending war between the King and Parliament as well as village life as well of course as their day-to-day existence. The village is home to soldiers preparing for war and you  may see musket drills.

You can also participate in period activities including wood crafts, lace-making, wool carding and spinning, cooking, medicine preparation and butter making, 1642 style of course.

Surprising really no one thinks you might be a spy, or a witch or something.

The Living History Village of Little Woodham or The Seventeenth Century Village, is a living museum dedicated to recreating life in a rural village in the mid-17th century. It is situated in ancient woodland in Rowner, on the Gosport peninsula, Hampshire.

The hamlet of Little Woodham was initially created in 1984 as a temporary re-enactment of village life on the eve of the English Civil War by members of The English Civil War Society as part of their enactment of the fictional Battle Of Stokes Bay. Following this, Society volunteers continued the exhibition during the summers of 1984 and 1985.

When the English Civil War Society announced they would be unable to continue, local residents formed the Gosport Living History Society to take over the running of the village to preserve it as an educational resource and tourist attraction. The Gosport Borough Council provided much of the financing and administration until 1995 when the Gosport Living History Society became a registered charity and took on sole responsibility for funding and administration.

The villagers are volunteers who dress in costume and act as if it is the rural life 1642.

Buildings on the sketch map include a wheelwright, blacksmith, sawyers, spinners, ale house, dairy, lace makers, turners, and two large houses. There is also a pond, and lots of woodland. The teachers notes, aimed at those visiting as part of a school trip gives some more background.

This looks a very interesting place to visit , and if you read the background Information on a real village in 1642 that this re-enactment is based upon with loads of detail, you could also perhaps take an active part in talk.

Location:  Little Woodham, Rowner, Hants

Grid Reference: near SU583003
(based on postcode)

Ceremonial County: Hampshire

Map Link: multimap

Aerial photo:

Getting there: Off the B3333 Lee-on-the-Solent to Gosport road, take Grange Road (north) then Howe Road. Click here for sketch map of location

The 1642 Living History Village of Little Woodham is adjacent to Grange Farm, Howe Road, Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire. Approximately 10Km South of junction 11. M27

Satellite Navigation input: PO13 8AB

Website:  own      sketch plan of village
Other Useful Websites: wiki   article on this site    

Information on a real village in 1642 that this re-enactment is based upon with loads of detail.

Email contact@littlewoodham.org.uk
Address: "Little Woodham" Grange Farm, Howe Road, Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire
Postcode: PO13 8AB Telephone: 02392 377447
Opening Times: Restricted opening see this link for dates open. Open 11am to 5pm.

Charges: Adults: 4; Concessions 3.00 Children, senior citizens, non-waged; Family: 12.00 two adults and up to two children.

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