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This means that either the image is one we have taken or it is a public domain image we have picked up from another website or been provided to us as a public domain image.

  • You may do what you like with this image.

  • There are no restrictions at all.

We would ask that you also make any copy that you use, including modified versions, also available as public domain images and where you can, you offer your images either as Public Domain or Licence them under a Creative Commons licence. There is no cost to you in doing this.

You can find an article on Creative Commons licensing from going to the  Free Newsletter website and looking  under 'Articles: Legal Aspects of photography'.

If you dispute that this is a Public Domain image, and think it is one that is by you, then:-

  1. Please first consider if you mind, does it matter that it is in the public domain.

  2. Next look at creative commons licensing and see if you would like one of these classifications applied.
    See information above.
    For example if you just want to have your name added then look at .

  3. Contact the website on which you have seen the image, and let them know.

  4. They may want to see a copy of your image that you feel is the same.

It may be that the website can tell you where they got the image from, and you may then see that although it is similar its not your image. There are often very many similar images particularly of tourist attractions and the like.


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