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Getting items delivered and as an income, covering or reducing cost

Stuff2send is a website, that allows people to match with other people. In this case people who want items delivered, with people already making a journey in the same direction. Its also interesting to carriers who have a van half empty, or wanting to do something on the return journey.

Every day you , I and millions of other drivers across the UK have spare space, and could help others get items they want delivered. With my interest being photography, I want to travel around and can often select for a hot list of places I would like to visit, but now I could get at least my costs covered if I look up who wants what taken and dropped off along the way.

For some of those now out or a job, or others who wish they were, the early retired, small businesses looking for an extra income stream, or something else when they are still starting up, this also offers the scope to start a small carrier or delivery service, whether specialising in specific items, routes, something that can be done when you want, to fit your time, interest or even the weather and times of day you want to travel.

There are therefore two sides to this:-

  • Anyone can join and get an extra income out of journeys they are already making, or of course do it the other way, look for a profitable journey and use this to cover their cost to go somewhere else nearby.
  • Anyone an send items, and both save money, and get a better service. Difficult to wrap items don't have to be packed, not limited to sizes, weights or anything, you can send yourself, you can buy eBay collect only items and get someone to pick them up.

So how does it work:-

  1. You join, those just sending for FREE. Those wanting to find items to deliver for a fee have 3 choices, that cost 11, 15 or 30 a year, depending on the range of services being used. You can join both sides.
  2. When you want something delivered, you enter the information and if its an eBay sale/purchase this is automated, with information taken from the item number, and your item then goes on file. You can put a note including the maximum you want to pay.
  3. Those available to deliver within their weight capacity, can see what wants to be delivered within a distance they select either side of their start and finish, its very flexible.  They then can make an offer online, or if they are a higher rate member (15 or 30 subscriptions) they can phone with their offer if the person has put in a phone number. Those with the highest subscription rate get alerts when items come up and more, mainly meant for carriers and professional drivers.
  4. The sender can check offers in and when they like one - book it.
  5. The system produces documentation and it all then takes place.

You give feedback, so everyone knows how good each member is.

 Their website is - http://www.stuff2send.com/


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