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Factsheet               D100  pictures
Availability Second hand only
Megapixels 6.1 CCD
List Price  
Introduced  2002
Specification  See details on this page below
Instruction Manual Niikon D100
D100 Color Brochure [PDF, 1.5MB]
D100 User Manual [PDF, 15MB]

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Main features - by Nikon at the time it was released

The new Nikon D100 boasts sophisticated digital image control technology, including superb image quality with 6.1 effective megapixels, an improved image-processing algorithm, and an enhanced Auto White Balance system. It inherits exclusive, high-performance Nikon features such as 3D Matrix Metering, Five-Area Autofocus and a built-in Speedlight with D-TTL flash control capability. And of course, it provides full compatibility with more than 40 AF Nikkor lenses for professional optical quality, as well as numerous other accessories including a dedicated Multi Function Battery Pack and a new Nikon Capture 3 software which enables remote control of the camera body as well as reading/adjustment of Nikon 'NEF' RAW image file for greater results. All of these features are packed in a stylish, compact and lightweight body for optimum portability. With so many innovations in such a practical design, the Nikon D100 is certain to attract countless new digital SLR users to the world of Nikon digital SLR photography.


Our Notes

  • The leading camera of its time, but looks a little dated now

  • Capable of producing good photos and if you take them in Raw as posed to jpg format and edit in Capture NX, you will find the image data is created into photos using later software.


Type of Camera DSLR
Effective Pixels 6.1
Image Sensor 23.7 x 15.6mm RGB CCD; 6.31 million total pixels
Image Size (Pixels) L (3008 x 2000); M (2240 x 1488); S (1504 x 1000)
Sensitivity ISO equivalency 200-1600 in 1/3 steps (can be boosted to higher ISO equivalency)
File Format Exif 2.2 file (uncompressed TIFF or compressed JPEG); uncompressed RAW (12-bit) or compressed RAW (12 bit lossless compression)
Storage Media Compact Flash Type I, Compact Flash Type II
Shooting Modes 1. Single frame shooting (S) mode, 2. Continuous shooting (C) mode: Approx. 3 frames per sec. (up to 6 consecutive shots with JPEG or TIFF format, 4 shots with RAW format), 3. Self-timer mode: Time duration can be set
White Balance 1. Auto (TTL control using image sensor), 2. Manual (6 settings with fine tuning), 3. Preset
LCD Monitor Size 1.8
LCD Monitor 1.8-in., 120,000-dot, low-temp. polysilicon TFT LCD with LED backlighting
Playback Function 1 frame; thumbnail (4 or 9 segments); Magnifying playback; Slide show; Histogram indication point display
Delete Function 1. Card format, 2. All frames delete, 3. Selected frames delete
I/O Terminal NTSC or PAL (switchable)
Interface USB 1.1
Picture Angle (in 35mm [135] format equivalent) Approx. 1.5x focal length in 35mm [135] format equivalent
ViewFinder Type Optical
Viewfinder Optical-typed fixed-eyelevel pentaprism; built-in diopter adjustment (-2 to +1m(-1))
Eyepoint 24mm (-1.0 m(-1))
Focusing Screen B-type Bright View Clear Matte screen II
Viewfinder Frame Coverage/Magnification (with 50mm lens at infinity; -1.0 m-1) Approx. 95%/ Approx.0.8x with 50mm lens set to infinity and -1.0m(-1)
Reflex Mirror Quick-return
Lens Aperture Instant return type, with depth-of-field preview button
Autofocus TTL phase detection, Nikon Multi-CAM900 autofocus module with AF-assist illuminator (approx. 0.5m to 3m); Detection range: EV -1 to EV 19 (ISO 100 equivalent, at normal temperature: 20 (deg))
Focus Modes 1. Lens Servo AF (S), 2. Continuous Servo AF (C), Manual focus (M); One of five focus areas can be selected; 1. Single Area AF, 2. Dynamic AF (Dynamic AF Mode with Closest Subject Priority is available)
Focus Lock Focus is locked by pressing AE-L/AF-L button or lightly pressing shutter release button in Single Servo AF (S)
Exposure Metering System TTL full-aperture metering system; 1. 3D Matrix Metering with 10 segment SPD, 2. Centre-Weighted, 3. Spot Metering
Exposure Metering Range (at normal temperature [68F/20C], ISO 100 equivalent, f/1.4 lens) 1. Matrix Metering: EV 0-21, 2. Centre-weighted Metering: EV 0-21, Spot Metering: EV 3-21 (at normal temperature ISO 100 equivalent, f/1.4 lens)
Exposure Metering Coupling CPU coupling
Exposure Control 1. [P] Auto-Multi Program (Flexible Program possible), 2. [S] Shutter-Priority Auto, 3. [A] Aperture-Priority Auto, 4. Manual
Auto Exposure Lock Detected exposure value locked by pressing AE-L/AF-L button
Auto Exposure Bracketing Number of shots: Two or three, Compensation steps: (+-)2EV in 1/3 or 1/2 steps
Maximum Shutter 1/4000
Minimum Shutter 30
Shutter Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter; 30-1/4000 in 1/3 or 1/2 EV steps, long time-exposure (bulb)
Sync Contact X-contact only; flash synchronisation up to 1/180 sec.
Flash Control 1. D-TTL Flash (Automatic Balanced Fill-Flash controlled by five-segment TTL Multi Sensor) with built-in Speedlight and external Speedlight such as SB-80DX/28DX/50DX, three modes available, Sensitivity range: ISO 200-1600 equivalent 2. Non-TTL Auto Flash with an external Speedlight
Flash Sync Modes 1. Front-Curtain Sync (normal sync), 2. Red-Eye Reduction, 3. Red-Eye Reduction with Slow Sync, 4. Slow Sync, 5. Rear-Curtain Sync
Accessory Shoe Standard ISO-type hot-shoe contact; safety lock provided
Sync Terminal Available in optional sync terminal adaptor AS-15
Self-Timer Electronically controlled; Timer duration: 2, 5, 10 (default), 20 sec.
Depth of Field Preview Button Stop-down lens aperture by pressing depth-of-field preview button (Electronically controlled type)
Remote Control 10-pin remote terminal available in optional Multi-Functional Battery Pack MB-D100
Supported Languages German, English, French, Japanese, Spanish
Power Requirements Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL3 (7.4V DC), AC adaptor EH-5 (100-240V AC), Multi-Function Battery Pack MB-D100 [six 1.5V LR6 (AA-size alkaline) or AA size lithium batteries or one or two Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL3]
Battery Life (on a fully charged battery) Approx. 1600 shots can be taken with a fully charged EN-EL3
Tripod Socket 1/4 (ISO1222)
Dimensions Approx. 144 x 116 x 80.5mm
Weight (without battery, memory card or body cap) 700
Supplied Accessories (may differ by country or area) Strap, Body cap, Eyepiece cap, LCD monitor cover, Video cable, USB cable, Rechargeable Li-ion battery EN-EL3, Quick Charger MH-18, Nikon View 5 CD-ROM
Other Features Voice Memo; Letter Input



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