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Photographing Sunsets

Sunsets can be a challenge to some, accurately reproduced by others while some of course create them to order.


The major reason why sunsets disappear for many people is that they have their cameras set on auto white balance, this corrects for colour casts, the camera sees too much red or orange and just cancels it out.


A simple fix is to take sunsets with the white balance set to sun. With some cameras with a warm up feature you can enhance it a little.


You can have sunsets to design any day you like if you use a sunset grad, or set of grads that create sunset effects. This is one or more rectangular filter(s) that slides up and down either a whole or in parts to give you the design you want. This is far more effective than painting it in later in an editing program.

For a fuller explanation see the article on Photographing Sunsets and also the article on Sunset Filters.


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