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The Vertaflip

The Vertaflip is a tripod attachment that makes switching between landscape and portrait mode quick and easy. When using a tripod and wanting to get from the horizontal to vertical position it is necessary to have a tripod head that allows you to do this. Or alternatively it is possible to get an attachment to fit between the tripod and camera, known as a camera rotator. A camera rotator allows you to move from the landscape to portrait view without the need for a special tripod head and there are a number of models in the marketplace of which the Stroboframe Vertaflip is one of them. It fits onto any tripod, copy stand or camera stand and makes the transition from landscape to portrait mode a doddle.

The Vertaflip allows you to move from landscape to portrait mode more quickly than a normal tripod head and it does it with some ease. As well as this it also has the advantage that the lens remains centred on the subject when moving directions and therefore the need to re-frame the shot is eliminated. So you can take both a landscape and portrait view of the same subject without having to change perspective or position with just a glide and slide. Because it is quick to do it is also a good accessory to use when photographing wildlife. With a normal tripod flip/vertical head you have to reposition the head, re-frame the shot and probably even change the height of the tripod, this is slow and before you've finished your subject has run off. With the Vertaflip however you take your landscape view, glide and slide to the portrait position and take again. Easy, and you've got the shots you want.

The Vertaflip is screwed onto the tripod head, and the camera is directly screwed to the platform of the Vertaflip. However when you move from landscape to portrait position, as with most tripod heads the weight of the lens will cause it to droop. For this reason it is possible to purchase a separate Anti Twist Plate to fit a particular camera model. The purpose of the plate is to stop the camera from moving alignment or twisting on the screw when moving the Vertaflip from the landscape to portrait position. They come in different versions for different models of camera. It attaches to the Vertaflip via a screw between the Vertaflip and base of the camera body and it has a lip which mates to the rear of the camera body, so the back of the camera body fits snugly to the back edge.

The following list is the Anti Twist Plates available where each bullet mark signifies a different plate and then lists the make/model of camera that fits that plate. The cost of the anti twist plate is 10 and this is purchased separately and in addition to the cost of the vertaflip.

Models available for camera models (at 2009) include:
  • Nikon D40/D40X, D60, D80, D100, D200, D300, D700, Canon EOS 20D, 40D, 350D, 400D, 450D, Fuji S3, S4, S5 Pro, Pentax *istD, K10D

  • Nikon D2H, D2X, Canon EOS 10D, 300D, 1Ds Mk1, 5D,

  • Nikon D1H, D2HS, D200+MB200*see note, Canon EOS 20D+pack, EOS 30D+pack, EOS 40D+pack, EOS 350D+grip, EOS 400D+grip, EOS 450D+grip, EOS 1D Mk1/2/3, EOS 1Ds Mk2,

  • Nikon D70, F4 std

  • Nikon F5, F6 with MB40, D1X

  • Canon EOS 5, Nikon F90/90X, F100, F6, Pentax K100D

  • Fuji S1, S2 Pro

  • Hasselblad (all models)

  • Mamiya (except 6/7)

  • Pentax 645, 67


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The technical bit. It is made from high-grade aluminium with a black anodised surface, and has a double set of rotary-links for extra rigidity when used with heavy cameras. Different camera body heights are catered for by screw-secured holes under the platform and it comes with a 1/4" camera and base connection. It is supplied with a cord pad and weighs 316g.

The Stroboframe Vertaflip PHD is available 03/2009 from Speedgraphic for 54.95 and the Anti Twist plates cost 10 each.


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