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One of the best, now owned by Microsoft, a bit slow at times, offers both maps, directions and aerial photos. Can also find from OS grid references and show OS maps.

Goggle maps

UK and the world, including maps, directions and aerial photos, does not accept OS grid references.



Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey 'Get a Map', a little small, but at a scale with field boundaries shown. For 1 scale up use Multimap and select map type when relevant.

GB Street maps

Street maps and many other choices.

via Mitchelin

Maps, driving instructions, hotels and restaurants.

See also on this site -

Maps page with reference section

Tourism and local information

National Grid is a page looking at how to convert the Ordnance Survey grid references into other coordinates, and use them to access the same locations in other mapping and aerial photography sites like Google Maps. You can also convert it to a postcode. You may also find this useful if you want to use a Satnav to get you near to the location using the postcode or exactly there using the latitude and longitude. This page also has links to gazetteers, and some other information that may make finding places easier. It also explains a little about the mapping system and maps available.


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