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Mid September brings us more...


Now is a good time to watch birds returning to estuaries, wetlands, gardens and parks after migrating from the north and growing their winter plumage. Other species have fattened themselves before embarking on the long journey to Africa. Preparations for winter begin and do not fully finish until November. Larger animals feast on the autumn harvest and create stores of food, such as nuts, to tide them over until spring.

What to See Where to See and comment What it looks like
Oystercatchers Return from summer feeding grounds to spend the winter months with us.
Canada Geese Estuaries, wetlands and rivers will see their return


First of these start to return to feast on the autumn berries, and fallen apples in the apple orchards.
Redwing start to return to feast on the fallen apples in the orchards.
Dragonflies are still in wetland areas, but the occurrences of view are reducing as the on set of autumn starts to take grip.
Bees and wasps feeding on late-flowering ivy  
Hedgehogs start to feed up ready for their winter hibernation and seek out shelter for the coming winter months.  
Red Deer

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Where to Photograph Deer 

Photographing deer

Red deer can be seen all year round in the UK at various deer parks and in the wild. However during the rutting season September-October the males are more impressive with their full gown antlers for the year and combat between competing males.  



Hedgerows are full of berries, hips and haws while other fruits and fungi appear in abundance in woodlands, pastures and grasslands.  Many flowers fade, the leaves on deciduous trees change colour and fall to the ground.

What to See Where to See and comment What it looks like
Horse Chestnuts Conkers fall from
Oaks acorns  
Sycamore winged seeds  
Himalayan balsam which disperses its seed from exploding pods along the riverbanks  
Stinkhorns fungi start to appear above ground  
Puffballs fungi start to appear above ground
Field Mushrooms fungi start to appear above ground  


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