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May brings grass and leafy trees…


From mountain, moorland, heath and coast to woodland, riverbank, valley and park, it is a perfect month for watching wildlife as every species seems intent on feeding on the many insects now abundant, nesting, mating, breeding or raising their young. 

What to See Where to See and comment What it looks like
Swifts join the other migrants to our shores  
Martins Fly in for their breeding season and will be seen flying over paddocks and fields grabbing flies to feed themselves and their young.  
Cockchafer beetles    
Dragonflies Hovering over water in ponds and on rivers, coming to rest on nearby vegetation.
Aphids and Ladybirds On leaves and plants where the aphids provide a tasty dinner for the hungry ladybird after hibernation.  
Mayflies Coming up from the riverbed and exploding into the spring sunshine hovering above the water.  
Spring lambs shepherded to fresh pasture and playing the fields  
Bats Are out of hibernation and the best time to see them is dusk and dawn whilst their hunting for flies.  
Rabbits Baby rabbits are likely to be seen in the early morning and evenings in fields and some country gardens when they are less wary of predators because of the lower light levels.


All kinds of shrub and tree, such as beech, oak and ash, break into leaf, while a diversity of grasses and wildflowers enrich England’s meadows, fields and pastures.

What to See Where to See and comment What it looks like
Hawthorn or May their white blossom being a predominant feature across much of the country  
Elder Found in hedgerows and roadsides  
Cow Parsley Adorn the hedgerows, roadside and woodlands.  
Meadowsweet Adorn the hedgerows and roadsides  
Bluebells Carpet Woodland floors and are at their best for photographing this month.

Where to see Bluebells.

Cowslips continue to offer yellow highlights in the countryside  
Fritillaries distinctive highlights of the month  
Sundew catching a fly in its trap  
Poppies in an untilled patch of agricultural land  
Bracken pushing up on hillsides as bright green intricate coils.  


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