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The Photographers Diary is intended to be a way that allows us to tell you of events that you can photograph, perhaps items that come up once a year or special festivals, as well as crazy events, rather than places that are open all the time.

Here we are featuring major events or things that are happening, that might be of interest to people from other areas of the country. We assume that most of you, if interested, can get a local paper to find out about the local parades, fetes and the like, that have a mostly local appeal. We are also not featuring events that are interesting but cannot be photographed or have no photographic appeal.

We have the current month and next month, plus major events or items that you might want to plan not to miss, this allows some forward planning but eliminates us having to put in too many provisional dates that are likely to change.

You can also help us by telling us of events that you become aware of that you feel photographers from other parts of the country would be interested in. Please remember its quality of photo opportunities not quantity.

We have generally left out most sporting events, most music and literacy events and the like as they are unlikely to offer the majority of you many photographic opportunities.

Another section of the diary is a nature and wildlife calendar, this will tell you the time of year that you can expect things to occur. Be it bluebells coming out or the best opportunity to photograph puffins. There are of course slight variations one year to another, but the calendar will at least allow you to consider the opportunities that arise on an annual basis. Like the event calendar if you think there are particularly interesting things to photograph in the natural world at a specific time then let us know.


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