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Photographers Resource has a large section devoted to Photography Training, and by this doorway you can go direct to this. Below we have a few of the highlights of what is within this section, but there is a wide range of other information on Photographers Resource that will also be relevant to you.

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Lighting and Reflectors

Macro Techniques



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About Photographers Resource

Photographers Resource, as the name suggests, was originally an online magazine developed to provide a wide range of information for photographers. Much of the information however is relevant to a far wider audience, including all those who enjoy going out, visiting places or seeing all types of places and events. On top of this Photographers Resource has a range of specialist sections covering a range of topics, and these often have more coverage than anything available elsewhere, so many of the regular users are not photographers specifically but a wide range of people with special interests, and those who just enjoy the opportunity to find out, in one place, a lot about a range of topics.

The Photographers Resource online magazine comes out once a month, usually in time for the 1st of the month, and contains articles, lists and new location guides. We also have picture galleries devoted to some places and subjects. Most months we have one or more features, introducing or expanding on a specific subject, which is how the specialist sections came about. Beyond this there is a continual updating and expansion of specific subjects.  Unlike printed magazines, that run for a week or month, we don't have a space limit so can produce large indexes of places, and the information introduced in Photographers Resource is always available, updated and fully indexed in a range of ways including by topic, by topic within county, and in a large alphabetical index. In addition to this there are sections which concentrate on specific interests and doorway pages, like this one, that allow people to enter the site with a specific interest in mind. Articles link to other articles and location guides and more, although always going back to previous information and adding forward links is not always done, due to time constraints, but some of this is picked up on feature weeks and some, is overcome by having the sections linking together information on a common theme. A symbol system throughout tells you were each link goes, and with locations, what will be found there.

There is no cost to users, and this is run as a non profit site.

Photographers Resource Portals

The main site covers the general information, specific topics and UK locations. So as to be able to expand this, to cover other countries, we have portals that are smaller sites with articles, lists, location guides and picture galleries. We have kept them separate to make maintenance and indexing practical. The main Photographers Resource Magazine keeps you informed as new information is added. 

For Websites

All the information is arranged in a user friendly way for website owners, allowing pages, sections and galleries to be called from within their websites, while allowing users to break out to the main sites if they wish. Most pages contain direct links, allowing its individual use and information is available from every page on how to link to a page or section. All content is defined by Creative Commons symbols allowing you to know how you can use the information in part if you want. We encourage the responsible sharing of information, including ours, to the benefit of all web users. This means we have a lot of free stuff for websites, free material for webmasters, and a lot of free images available. If you want to have advertisements on any of these sites, this is possible as long as they do not mislead users, and this is managed by the business that provides the hosting of the website, not the editorial team. You can link to this page, or the frame set it sends people to.

Becoming Involved

We welcome the involvement of others, from producing location guides, to writing articles, maintaining sections or portals or in co-operative ventures, however there are limits to commercial projects connected with both Photographers Resource, as we are non profit website run for the benefit of users. The costs have to get covered, and this is done by sponsorship and by allowing the business that provides and manages the hosting to sell advertisements, which never appear within articles but around the outside or in classified sections. Within all main pages there is a contact us button.



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