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Tregeseal East Stone Circle


Also known as the Tregeseal Dancing Stones.

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A restored prehistoric stone circle around one mile northeast of the town of St Just in the Penwith district of Cornwall.

It is the one surviving circle of three that once stood aligned along an east-west axis on the hillside to the south of Carn Kenidjack

The nineteen granite stones are also known as The Dancing Stones.


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Some say it originally had around 19 stones in a ring approximately 22m in diameter. Today thirteen silver-grey stones remain.

All the stones are about 1m high, the tallest of which stands 1.3m. There is a vantage point on a large stone which makes up part of a wall about 15m to the south west. From here the white stones of the circle can be seen more clearly, even in the dense bracken.

Tregeseal is part of a double circle, it's partner, Tregeseal (West) was set on an east-west alignment but the later has now been destroyed and no longer visible. In many cases there is a third but I can't find any record of another. (I have come across Tregeseal Central recorded by aerial photography to the west).


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A copy of a diagram showing it pre restoration can be seen at http://www.pznow.co.uk/historic1/stonecircles.html

Tregeseal holed stones is nearby at SW388326  -   a row of three holed stones. Associated with this row are two other holed stones nearby. These two stones are composed of different igneous rock. Both have been broken but now are restored. See http://www.pznow.co.uk/historic1/holedstones.html#Tregeseal%20Holed%20Stones%20SW388326

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Planning Grid


Tregeseal East Stone Circle, Tregeseal, Cornwall

Grid Reference

SW387324      OS Map 203

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Google maps aerial photograph

Getting there:

Drive up through the village to the end of the tarmac. Park and follow sign up track rather than across fields on footpath. Pass the farm and hit the mud! The stones are now surrounded by a good covering of bracken.


Some signs - Just past the farm on the right is a plaque with an arrow pointing the way.


Roadside at end of tarmac road.



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