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East Aquorthies Stone Circle

Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

This is a recumbent stone circle, with a large stone set horizontally in the southwest, and the height of the stones are graded, increasing towards the recumbent. Such recumbent stones are often associated with moon observations and are particularly numerous in Aberdeenshire. This is probably the best example.

The stones were set up about  4-5000 years ago.

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Information found

Source: Devereux, Paul, Steel, John & Kubrin, David, Earthmind, Harper & Row: New York 1989

Here we have another megalithic site with measured electromagnetic anomalies - perhaps relating to some of the minor altered states some people have reported:

On 29 September (1987)... American Dragon Project volunteers Cosimo and Ann Favaloro made a study of...Easter Aquorthies... The Favaloros chose this date because archaeologist Aubrey Burl had suggested that Easter Aquorthies is one of a number of Scottish stone circles that has a stone aligned to the Moon during a particular period of the Metonic cycle known as the 'major lunar standstill.' On 29 September an important moonset was due to take place. Taking readings continuously through a 12-hour period, the Favaloros made two notworthy findings. At one point in the late afternoon the readings within the circle soared way above the normal site readings for a few minutes, while the environment readings remained constant. The second finding was that at the precise moment of moonset, at 9 o'clock in the evening, the level of radiation readings in the environment edged above those for the stone circle for the only time in the whole monitoring period.

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East Aquorthies Stone Circle, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

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NJ732209    OS map 38

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Getting there:

This site is now very well signposted from the main A96.


It's about 200m from the car park to the circle.


There is a Free car park at the bottom of the track that leads to the circle. The car park even now has a litterbin and info board.



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