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Introduction to Ancient Britain Section

People have been in Britain for quite a long time, at least 10,000 years and probably far longer. We know quite a lot about the last 1000 years, and have a less precise idea about the majority of the 1000 before that.

This section is principally about the time before we knew very much, so mostly before the Romans first visited in 55BC but perhaps some parts after that as well.

The stone circle section covers not only the circles, but also standing stones, burial chambers and other stone features with mystical/historical significance within UK history.

We have other sections on hill forts and the earthwork castles that are all around the country,  that were used prior and after this period and some much later.

We also have another section on Roman Britain.

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Heritage  Topic Index is always right up to date, so check that later information is not available.

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