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Lambrigg Mill - Windmill

Sea Palling, Norfolk

Lambrigg Mill is a wind pump located in the parish of Sea Palling within the Norfolk Broads.

The current wind pump at this location was built in 1880 to assist the nearby Brograve Mill to drain the Brograve levels and is thought to have worked for a very short period of time, possibly up until 1905-1910.

The name of the mill is also disputed, as the nearby farm is named "Lambridge Mill Farm" raising the question whether the present name "Lambrigg" used by the Ordnance Survey is correct.

The mill still stands today in a derelict state with only two of the original four stocks remaining and the cap is no longer in situ. It is difficult to directly reach the mill due to it being on private land, and no public rights of way run nearby. However it is possible to get relatively close to the structure via the Waxham New Cut, the mill is beyond the limit of navigation, therefore only small non-motorised craft may venture this far up the river.

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Lambrigg Mill (Windmill) Sea Palling, Norfolk

Ceremonial County: Norfolk

Grid Reference:

TG 431252

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Ordnance survey link TG432252


Aerial photo: google maps aerial photo   deduced as this is the only building with a large enough shadow.



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Date Updated: 04/2008

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Lambrigg Mill (Windmill) Sea Palling, Norfolk

Grid Reference:

TG 431252

Getting there:

2 miles southwest of Waxham.







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Date Updated: 04/2008

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