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Hewitts Windmill

Heapham, Lincolnshire

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Hewitts windmill is a renovated Tower mill with sails (non working). It was built by the millwright Johnson of Low Burnham near Haxey in 1876 to replace a post mill.

It worked until around 1950 when it was struck by lightning and damaged. Mr Hewitt, the owner, repaired the mill and set it to work once more, being awarded an S.P.A.B. 'Windmill Certificate' in recognition of his efforts in 1952.

Lightning struck again in 1956, wrecking the mill by breaking the iron winds shaft in two, dumping the sails on the ground and smashing them to pieces. The damage was too great to repair and the mill was abandoned.

Some of the parts (two pairs of stones, their fittings and gear) was taken out and put into Heage mill in Derbyshire when that mill was being renovated in 1973.

When we visited we found a mill that could be photographed from the road, it is located at the back of a small farm yard. From any other direction the lower part of the mill is hidden from view by buildings. The view you get is therefore very dependent on the direction it is pointing at on the day you visit. Two of our images is shown above.

We didn't go around the fields behind, but as you can see below there is a pleasing view, although the bottom of the mill is hidden.

Hewitts Mill, viewed from Sturgate village. By Jon McGuinness May 2007  

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Hewitts Windmill, Heapham, Lincolnshire

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Hewitts Windmill, Heapham, Lincolnshire

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