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Hadrian's Wall- Further Information

On this page we have included other links and helpful/useful items that you may be interested in taking a look at.


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Website Links

The following website links provide more background information.

UNESCO Frontiers of the Roman Empire 

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrians Wall Frontier

Hadrian's Wall on Wikipedia (includes a list of all forts)

Hadrians Wall Country

Hadrian' Wall and the National Trust

Hadrian's Wall on Britain Express

Visit Cumbria and see Hadrian's Wall 

National Trail - Hadrian's Wall Path

Hadrian's Wall Path on Wikipedia

Northumberland National Park - Hadrian's Wall

Roman Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum 

Stanegate on Wikipedia

The Military Road - Northumberland on Wikipedia. The local name given to the B6318. The main feature of this road is that it runs alongside Hadrian's Wall and you can see most of the locations from it.


Hadrians Wall Images on Wiki Commons

Hadrian's Wall Gallery on the BBC 

Aerial Images on Visit Cumbria

Virtual Tour of Housesteads Fort on BBC History


Hadrian's Wall Path on bing (map with major points marked)

Map of Hadrian's Wall  (interactive MAGIC Map)

English Heritage Days Out Properties Map in the 'show me' column on the left tick Hadrian's Wall will show markers for each of their properties on the wall. The text results box in the bottom right lists each property and taking a ink from here eventually gets you to the property detail page. if you know which property you want, it's quicker to type in the property name in the search box.

Antonine Wall

Antonine Wall

Antonine Wall on Wikipedia

Antonine Frontier



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