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Lighthouses Further Information

On this page we have included other links and helpful/useful items that you may be interested in taking a look at, but please suggest other links we should include.

Did you know the study of lighthouses is called Pharology.

So this page is for Pharologist


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Website Links

The following website links provide more background information.

For tide information see links on our Tide tables page within reference.


General Lighthouse Authorities

Association of Lighthouse Keepers - an organisation for anyone interested in lighthouses, has ex-lighthouse people in its membership, but this is not a condition of membership. They produce a quarterly journal called Lamp.

World Lighthouse Society based in London.

Directories or location information

The lighting authorities each have some information on their websites relating to at lest some of their lighthouses.

Nearby lighthouse layer on Google Map plus converting latitude and longitudes into Grid References and other map links.

The Lighthouse Directory information on lighthouses throughout the world, very regularly updated.

They have the UK and Ireland split over the following pages, plus from their home page there is a search, although it just tells you the page its on. Tip use your browsers in page search to find individual places.

Lighthouse Depot a large database system, part of a commercial/shop system.

Lighthouse R Us  a page listing with photos for each country, plus Google Maps with positions marked.

They have pages for

Lighthouse E-clips a site by and for UK Lighthouse enthusiasts.

Lighthouse Duo information mainly following visits to many lighthouses. We have linked all the UK and Irish entries in both our feature lists and location guides with the initials LD.

List of Lights British section  appears to be based on Admiralty lists, and includes all lights 2013 for England alone, even very small. Contains name, brief location and in very many cases a photo. This is a site for beacon spotters, if it has a light they are interested.

Cornwall Lighthouse Information

List of UK Lighthouses  (1 page)

British Towns and Villages Network has a listing of 71 lighthouses.

Lighthouses of Scotland map and photos.

List of Scottish Lighthouses

Points of interest community - Lighthouses of the British Coast.

US Lighthouse Society trips to the UK (visits to a lot of lighthouses), also Northern Ireland trip, Wales trip.

News or  Articles

Lighthouse News  worldwide news relating to lighthouses.

Practical Boat Owner

Article on the manufacture of lighthouse optics   2nd article

Daily Mail Report on Princess Anne's hobby of visiting every Scottish Lighthouse, also Sunday Times

The Independent interview with one of the last lighthouse keepers.

Guardian Northern Light Board (Scotland) selling books to fund a heritage trust.


Information about the Coastguard can be found by visiting


Archive Records

National Archives of Scotland records on Lighthouses includes a list of some lighthouses.

GEN UKI Genealogy website detailing tables of family history related data. Information comes from Trinity House and covers 1841-1910 - this link is to the main article, they also have:-

Some of this information comes from Census Records

Trinity House Archive at City of London Guildhall Library

Merchant Navy Records  PDF


 A page giving a vast list of historical/genealogy resources connected with mariners.


Geograph   Word search for lighthouse produced 5,009 images.

Geograph Category   on selected lighthouses - currently contains Scottish lighthouses.

From Geograph general category analysis



Lighthouse (converted)


Lighthouse (disused)


Lighthouse (former)


Lighthouse Shore Station


Lighthouse Shore Station (former)


Geograph Ireland  currently Geograph Britain and Geograph Ireland have a common database.

Flickr finds 910,144 images with a lighthouse, but this is worldwide, no way to refine this to the UK, without searching for each individual lighthouse.

Marinas.com has a very large number of aerial photos around our coasts, we have used some in location guides but its worth looking for others. In most cases there are a variety of photos, so where we have used one, there are a number of others.

Wikipedia pages - if you are extending Wikipedia pages please remember to put links to our pages.

Wikipedia category lists - Indexes to other lists and pages

Wikipedia lists

Wikipedia Articles

Other Services

Charts and light lists

Produced by the UK Hydrographic Office - www.ukho.gov.uk they have:-

The List of Lights this provides light and fog signal information for more than 70,000 unique light structures worldwide.  It is divided up onto 10 areas.

They also produce charts, and map the position of all wrecks. Their database includes 70,000 wrecks, 20,000 with names.

They also produce tidal information and produce astronomical data suitable for a wide range of users, including professional and amateur astronomers, mariners, aviators, surveyors, the Armed Forces, the Police, lawyers, religious groups, architects, schools, diary and calendar manufacturers, photographers and film crews. In fact, anyone requiring astronomical information.


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