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La Corbiere Lighthouse


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Completed in 1874, Corbière Lighthouse was the first such structure in the British Isles to be built entirely from concrete, rather than traditional stone, blockwork. Sir John Coode, designed the lighthouse, and he was assisted by an engineer, Imre Bell, who turned the plans into the structure we see today.

It is situated on a rock which is a tidal island and in the 130 years it has been standing, with the worst winter gales throwing spray high over the lantern and the rock, the light itself seems never to have been seriously threatened by the power of the sea.

Aerial Photo Marinas.com (more images available)

The lighthouse is perched on a rock just off the south west tip of Jersey. Originally, the lantern was fired by paraffin and required the constant attention of keepers who lived in the tower. Now it is powered by electricity and, since the late 1970s, has required no permanent staff on site. It has a powerful foghorn at the foot of the tower.

It is accessed via a concrete causeway, at low tide, which links the light’s rock with the coast at Corbière, this means that it is easy enough to see the structure in close-up at low tide.

A klaxon warns the unwary that it is time to make tracks after the tide has turned, but the area is potentially very dangerous. If the light itself has survived without major incident, the same cannot be said of the keepers. In one such incident on 28 May 1946, one of them, Peter Edwin Larbalestier, was drowned while trying to rescue a holidaymaker who had been cut off by the rising water.

Lighthouse information Grid


La Corbiere Lighthouse, Jersey

Current status:

Currently in use

Geographic Position:

49° 10'8" N - 002° 14' 9" W

Grid Reference:


Ceremonial County:



concrete tower painted white with lantern and gallery

Map Link:


Aerial photo:


Other photos:


Originally built:


Current lighthouse built:


Height of Tower:

62 feet

Height of light above mean sea level:

135 feet

Character of light:

white or red light, depending on direction, 5 s on, 5 s off.

Character of fog signal:

4 blasts, long-short-long-short, every 60 s

Range of light:

18 miles

Owned / run by:

Jersey Harbours

Getting there:



Via a causeway at low tide, but visitors must take care not to be stranded when the tide returns. Site open, tower closed.



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