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Castell Henllys Iron Age Fort


This inland hillfort near Newport is unique. The roundhouses within the enclosure have been accurately reconstructed on their original foundations, and the whole site is given over to interpreting life in the Iron Age.

The fort stands on a spur overlooking a stream valley, and the defences were increased over a period of time to include stonework and wooden palisades as well as the usual double ditch system. Excavations suggest that the Iron Age settlement was home to as many as 100 people.

These excavations, which are still going on, have provided the information needed to reconstruct four roundhouses, a granary/foodstore and various items of domestic and agricultural equipment, making this a realistic and authentic reconstruction of an Iron Age settlement.

Castell Henllys is a scheduled ancient monument owned and managed by Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority. Regular events at the site re-enact aspects of life in Iron Age Britain and Castell Henllys has won several awards for heritage education. It was also used as the location for the BBC television series "Surviving the Iron Age" broadcast in 2001.

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Castell Henllys Iron Age Fort

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