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Bruton Dovecot

Bruton, Somerset

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The sign at the roadside says "A 16th century dovecote ruin that once belonged to Bruton Abbey". It came into the care of the National Trust in 1915 when it was given to them by Sir Henry Hoare as part of the Stourhead estate in Wiltshire. It sits on top of Lusty Hill overlooking the town of Bruton and the surrounding Somerset countryside.

Bruton was once the site of Bruton Abbey, a medieval Augustinian Priory, which was sold after the dissolution of the monasteries to the Berkeley family who converted it into a mansion. The mansion and lands came into the Hoare family in 1776 when it was purchased by Henry Hoare. The mansion was demolished in the 18th century, and today just a part of the Abbey wall remains in Plox Close.

The dovecot sits on a mound overlooking the town which is believed to have once been part of the park of the Abbey. It is roofless and it's history is not definitely known. It is thought that it was built in the 16th century, when the lands belonged to the Abbey, and in the 17th century converted for use as a prospect tower by the Berkley family, to watch hunting, with it being converted to dovecot later when nesting boxes were added. There were short avenues of trees originally leading from it and it commanded good views of the park, meadows, woodland, original Abbey fishponds and lands beyond.


A view from the roadside

It is a square building built of local stone and gabled on all four sides. It was originally 3 storeys but these are now gone and you can see the remains of windows and those which were later blocked. There is also the remains of a fireplace inside which lends to the theory that it was originally built for habitation or as some believe as a watch tower rather than as a dovecot. An 18C illustration shows a chimney in the roof.

Taken on top of Lusty Hill See Larger Image On the way to the top See Larger Image

There are the remains of nesting boxes, built of stone blocks, probably added before 1780, and it is thought to have room for around 200. From the pictures, you can see some of the original nesting boxes and being roofless it is still used by some of the wild birds in the area.

Some of the nesting boxes inside being used by today's residents

Location: Bruton Dovecot, Park Wall, Bruton, Somerset

Grid Reference: ST684344 Ceremonial County: Somerset

Map Link: Multimap

Aerial photo: Multimap Aerial

Getting there: From the A359 in Bruton follow the one way system round and take a left into Godminster Lane. Pass Godminster Lane Quarry, take next left into Park Wall the layby is on the left.

Access: A small pull in layby in Park Wall, over a style into a field where you can then walk up onto the hill next to it.
Website: National Trust
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Address: Lusty Hill off Park Wall, Bruton, Somerset
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Opening Times: All reasonable times

Charges: None

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