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Cresswell House/Castle


The ruins of Cresswell House are sometimes known as Cresswell Castle, as usually shown on maps. It stands on the wooded banks of the Cresswell River a few hundred yards upstream from Cresswell Quay.

It is thought that the building may have begun life as a fortification designed to guard the highest navigable point of the river. There are towers at each corner of the courtyard, one of them built as a dovecote, and the vaulting is of a style often found in 13th century Pembrokeshire churches.

It was acquired by a branch of the landowning Barlow family, probably in the 16th century, and was converted into a manor house complete with fish-ponds, stables and a garden fronting the river. At the end of the 17th century the Barlow family moved to a mansion at nearby Lawrenny, abandoning Cresswell House which was allowed to fall into disrepair.

The site has recently been cleared of vegetation and there are good views of the house from the bridge below Cresswell Mill.

Note: When searching on the internet for more details on this house/castle be aware that there is a Cresswell House which has operated as a B&B. The information here is on the Ruins, not the newer house in the Cresswell Quay.

Planning Grid


Cresswell House, Cresswell Quay

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Getting there:

Located north of Cresswell Quay off Millway Lane, 7 miles north east of Pembroke. From A477 towards Pembroke, take the A4075 North through Carew to Cresselly take left to Cresswell Quay.


Privately owned, access by permission of the owner. It is visible from the road


By the side of the road.


None on site.

Things To Do, See and Photograph:

Castle ruins and beach scenes

What to take:

long lens, filters, tripod

Nature watching:


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Opening times:

Not open to the public, see access above



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